Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Using the AndroiDAQ oScope for LabVIEW®.

The AndroiDAQ oScope for LabVIEW is a new LabVIEW application VI that is now included in Controlled Capture Systems’ AndroiDAQ DEMO for LabVIEW library project. oScope allows you to acquire a user set number of analog to digital samples at user set time-based intervals, much like a digital oscilloscope. oScope uses LabVIEW’s Waveform graph to plot the received sample data from the AndroiDAQ module to give you a visual representation of the signal on channel zero of the AndroiDAQ ADC.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Wonders of Analog to Digital Conversion

In the digital world, information is shared through software using multiple digital patterns of ones and zeros. These digital patterns can represent alphanumeric characters, mathematical operations, memory commands, or any other representative data that when decoded by software, corresponds to understandable information based on an agreed upon model of the digital patterns and data manipulation methods. This is all well and good for applications of math calculation, word processing, database entry, and other symbol based system uses, however, one can ask: how does one get real world physical data into a format of digital patterns that can be used by computers to measure, display, calculate upon, and manipulate the data?