Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Python how-to: AndroiDAQ and Serial Communications

One thing that sets the AndroiDAQ module from other data acquisition products on the market is its use of the industry standard FTDI UART to USB conversion integrated circuit for USB serial communications. This allows the designer to use one easy to use USB driver for programming with the AndroiDAQ module in the various popular programming languages and on various operating system platforms, which at times can be a very taunting task with other commercially available data acquisition products. This also makes it easy to develop your application for the AndroiDAQ module in not only Android, Java, and LabVIEW, but for other popular programming languages like Python, which can also be used on multiple platforms. This article is going to present to you how to set up Python for serial communication, via the USB port, so that you can add Python to your list of tools for controlling and reading the AndroiDAQ module.