We believe there is a better way to do everything, to challenge the tired and true; to think outside the box of normal.
These beliefs allow us to provide to you cost effective and complete solutions to bring your product dreams into reality. 
We provide project specific solutions in a complete and confidential manner. Our solutions include:
  • hardware, firmware, and software data acquisition and other hardware interfacing
  • software development with Android™, JAVA™, Python, LabVIEW™, IMAQ™, OpenCV and other programming languages
  • computer and micro-controller hardware selection and firmware development
  • schematic capture, printed circuit layout, and prototype board services
  • mechanical design, drafting and other documentation services
  • image stitching, automated image detail measurement, and image processing
  • image sequence to digital movie conversion and slow motion capture
  • external sensor integration with triggered or timed monitoring for process data collection
  • robotics systems and motion control design and integration
  • production of prototypes and proof of concept to production systems for investor presentation and profitable manufacture.
We invite you to contact Controlled Capture Systems to discuss your project requirements and specifications. Together we will bring success and simplicity to your product dream. 

Introducing a new paradigm in data acquisition for Android, JAVA, Python, and LabVIEW: AndroiDAQ, an eight-core parallel processing data acquisition system.


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