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Welcome to our AndroiDAQ Store!

Below you will find that we offer several AndroiDAQ module packages to meet your budget and design requirements. We offer several Bluetooth and Wi-FI radios options to meet your wireless communication needs for use with Android, Java, Python, or LabVIEW. To order your AndroiDAQ module, please determine the package that you desire for your AndroiDAQ module and then press the Add to Cart button below that package. This will open a PayPal Shopping Cart which will be used to place your order with us. This requires that you have a PayPal account. If you do not see an option that you would like, please contact us at

Bare AndroiDAQ circuit board with bare Bluetooth radio compatible circuit board -Bare Boards with Parts Lists supplied.

$26.25 each

Bare AndroiDAQ circuit board with bare xBee radio compatible circuit board -Bare Boards with Parts List supplied.

$31.25 each

AndroiDAQ USB only, includes bare Bluetooth radio board (radio is not included)

$197.94 each

AndroiDAQ USB only, includes Bare xBee radio adapter board (radio is not included)

$204.94 each

AndroiDAQ USB and Bluetooth connectivity, includes a Class 1 Bluetooth radio that has an internal chip antenna.

$228.94 each

AndroiDAQ USB and Bluetooth connectivity, includes an xBee Class 1 Bluetooth radio that has an external U.FL connector for use with an external pigtail and antenna  which are not included.

$235.94 each

AndroiDAQ USB and Wi-Fi connectivity, includes an xBee Class 1 Wi-Fi Radio that has wire antenna.

$267.94 each
 Orders include:
  • 1-AndroiDAQ Module Board (Bare boards or fully populated boards, depending on what you order).
  • 1- Radio Daughter Board (unpopulated for Bare Board Only Orders) or radio daughter Board with ordered radio.
  • Free downloads of our AndroiDAQ for Android DEMO and AndroiDAQ for LabVIEW DEMO applications and also firmware code.
A shipping and handling charge will be applied to your order at checkout (FOB Controlled Capture Systems' warehouse, Idaho Falls, ID, USA, freight collect).

Please note: 
  • We will only ship to the address location provided by your PayPal account when you place the order.
  • Large quantity orders can qualify for discount pricing. Please email us with your needs.
  • We will keep you informed via email if the delivery time for your AndroiDAQ module(s) is lengthened or changed.
  • We will email you when your order ships.
  • Orders will be filled in the order in which they were received.
  • For more information and pricing regarding other wireless radio options for AndroiDAQ, please contact

We invite you to contact us to discuss our AndroiDAQ© Data Acquisition Module for Android™ and how the AndroiDAQ circutiry can expedite your product to market development. We also welcome inquiries from academic professionals interested in putting AndroiDAQ in the classroom at discount pricing. 
* Specifications may change without notice
**Choice of internal or external antenna designs (sold separately please inquire). USB is currently available only for LabVIEW DEMO, though as more Android devices support USB host this will be included in our AndroiDAQ DEMO, stay tumed for our announcements regarding this.
The AndroiDAQ is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 30 days from purchase. This warranty does not cover any problems occurring as a result of improper use, modifications, exposure to water, excessive voltages, abuse, ESD damage, or accidents. All boards will be returned via UPS services or other trackable shipper if an issue is found. If no issue is found or express return is needed, the customer will pay all shipping costs.
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