Pics2Flix for Android


Pics2Flix makes it very easy for you to create and share movies of your photos. 
Pics2Flix allows you to select a folder of images on your Android device and create Android playable movies which you can share with family and friends via email, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and other social sharing applications. 
Pics2Flix is very easy to use. When in the Pics2Flix application, choose your desired folder of the images that you what to use to create a movie, set your new movie's name, set the resolution for your new movie, set the frames per second of your new movie, and then press the Make Movie button and watch the progress as your movie is being created. After the movie is created you can watch it and also share the movie with friends and family. 
Pics2Flix has a built-in image review player, with several functions such as the ability to delete images, open images, and zoom into your images. It also has a built-in video movie player. Under the Pics2Flix menu, you can view a list of your movies, select any movie, watch it, or share it with family and friends. 
Two versions of Pics2Flix are available; Pics2Flix Lite, which allows you to test the application to see if it is useful for you, and a Pics2Flix Pro. The Lite version has some customization features disabled. The Pro version is fully functional. Pics2Flix was written for the Android™ 2.2 platform and fully tested on these devices for proper operation: 
  • T-Mobile® G2™ with Google™
  • Sprint™ Samsung Epic™ 4G
Though we test our software thoroughly we know bugs can slip through. Controlled Capture Systems welcomes any and all bug reports to help us provide to you with top quality software and applications. If you find a bug, please send us a detailed list of actions that you performed in the application to receive the error. This will allow us to replicate your bug in-house so that we can fix it quickly and provide you an update.We also ask that you please sent us an email and let us know about your experiences with Controlled Capture on your device, so that we can include your device in the list above. If you would like to see a new feature implemented in Controlled Capture, please let us know as customer suggestions greatly drive the development of this application.

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