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Got Control of your camera?

Controlled Capture has two modes of operation: Image Capture Mode and Video Capture Mode. In Image Mode, individual snap shots for stop motion animations or timed snap shots can be acquired, which are saved in a Project folder. This Project folder can be played back via the built-in Image Player or be converted to an Android movie for playback on your Android device or sharing. Please note that movie files are named by the time-stamp of the first image in your time-lapse sequence in your Project folder.
Controlled Capture not only makes it easy to capture normal pictures and videos; it also allows you to capture time-lapse sequenced images automatically and also slow motion videos. This exposes you to a whole new world of uses for your phone or tablet’s camera. With Controlled Capture you can record slow and fast events, such as a flower opening or a friend’s golf swing and then observe the intricate details of these events. The flower opening is seemingly sped up and the golf swing is slowed to allow for analysis of the swing.
In the Video Capture Mode, you can record Slow Motion, or Slo-Mo videos, and regular videos. You can share with family and friends both regular and Slo-Mo videos. Recording a Slo-Mo video is very easy. Set the time length for recording the Slo-Mo video and press “Record Slo-Mo Movie”. Controlled Capture takes care of the rest. Both regular and Slo-Mo videos can be played back with the built-in video player or with other video players.
Controlled Capture is the only time-lapse video Android application that allows you to create Android video movies from your time-lapse image sequences or photo albums for playback on your Android phone or tablet, or to share with family and friends.
Controlled Capture has a very detailed Help section to allow you to learn Controlled Capture so that you can get the most out of the application.

Two versions of Controlled Capture are available; Controlled Capture Lite, which is Ad based and allows you to test the application to see if it is useful for you, and Controlled Capture Pro. The Lite version has some features disabled, described below, and the Pro version has no Ads and has all the features enabled to allow you to make the most of your built-in camera on your Android device.
The Lite version of Controlled Capture is fully functional though the following features are disabled:
o          Ability to set Camera Settings as described above.
o          Ability to create new and personal Project folders
o          Ability to open an image and use the built-in zoom features
o          Ability to record multiple movies in a single application session
It is recommended that your SD Memory card be at least 16GB with 4-8GB free to ensure that you have enough space for a long time-lapse session.
Though we test our software thoroughly we know bugs can slip through. If you find a bug, please email us a detailed list of actions that you performed in the application to receive the error. This will allow us to replicate your bug in-house so that we can fix it quickly and provide you an update.
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Recent changes: Now records slow motion (Slo-Mo) videos automatically which can be shared with family and friends via email, facebook, google+, etc. Video player has been entirely rewritten to remove past bugs. Thank you customers for your input!

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