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Controlled Capture for Android™ Help Guide

Controlled Capture for Android™ Help Guide

Controlled Capture is an easy to use image and video capture application.
Controlled Capture uses Project folders to store your images and videos. When Controlled Capture is first installed and opened, your default Project folder is called Project01. Projects are stored on your SD card under two folders called DCIM/CCFiles and DCIM/CCVideos. Both images and videos taken by Controlled Capture are saved in your current Project folder in their respective folders, CCFiles or CCVideos with a time-stamped filename.
  • For images the format of the time-stamp is: Month_Day_Year_Hour_Minute_Seconds.
  • For videos the format of the time-stamp is: MonthDay_HourMinuteSeconds.
Movies are saved in .mp4 format to be compatible with most other Android, Windows, and Quicktime Video Players.
In the Pro version of Controlled Capture, you can create and name New Projects under the Menu options. Pressing the New Projects menu option will open a text entry box for you to enter your new project name using the on-screen keyboard or your phone's hardware keyboard, if equipped. Pressing the Enter key on your keyboard or DONE on the on-screen keyboard will save your new project.
Controlled Capture has two modes of operation: Camera Picture Mode and Video Mode. You can switch between the two modes of Controlled Capture with the switch control located on the left hand side of the application.
Time is used in Camera Picture Mode to control the length of time that passes between taking pictures, meaning that if a setting of 10-seconds is used, Control Capture will take a picture every 10-seconds when the Timer is started. In Video mode the time set is used to control the length of the video captured in Slo-Mo. If for example, a setting of 10-seconds is used, the video recorded will be 10-seconds long. After recording a Slo-Mo movie, Controlled Capture automatically processes the slow motion video so that you can play it on your Android device or share it with friends via email, Facebook, Google+, etc..
In both modes, the timer can be set by pressing the lower right-hand side Time Between Images: button, which will open an increment/decrement widget. Pressing the (+) button increases the time set and pressing the (?) button decreases the time set. The minimum time setting allowed for time-lpase camera images is 5-seconds, the maximum time setting allowed for slow motion (Slo-Mo) video movies is 10-seconds. Pressing the OK button below the increment/decrement widget will close it and set the time.

In Camera Picture mode, the Take a Picture button allows you to take images on the fly, meaning when it is pressed an image is taken and saved into your project folder. This is very useful for Stop Motion Animation. In Video Mode, the Record Movie allows you to record video movies on the fly of any length, depending on the size of your SD memory card.
In Camera Picture mode, the Start Time-lapse button controls the starting and stopping of the timer that you set above. In Video Mode, the Record Slo-Mo Movie starts the recording of a slow motion movie for the length of time that you set for the timer.
Both modes have a respective player so that you can review image sequences or regular or Slo-Mo videos. These players are opened via the on-screen menu by pressing your Menu key on your device. In Video mode you must select a movie under the My Movies menu item to place the movie into the player's queue, then the Video Player will automatically open to review the movie.
The Image Player has the ability to slow down or speed up the playback of the image sequences shown, using the slide control located on the left hand side of the player, allowing you to observe the details in a time-lapse image sequence and review the action frame by frame. 
There are other features available in Control Capture which are explained further in its Help section by clicking on each of the controls on the screen. Doing so will open an explanation balloon which will describe each control's function. To help you master Controlled Capture quickly, this Help Section interacts with you exactly like the Controlled Capture program. 
Control Capture Pro has other features that include, deleting images, deleting movies, deleting Projects, and adjusting the camera settings. The Pro version also allows you to open any image in your project shown in the player and zoom into this image to see fine details of the image. This feature is like having a pocket microscope or telescope.

If you have further questions or have found a bug in Controlled Capture, please contact us at: We also welcome suggestions for new features or enhancements.

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